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Dr. Joseph Lauerman author of A Doctor's LifeDr. Joseph Lauerman is the author of A Doctor’s Life, which is available on This book contains the memoirs of his medical practice in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Here’s one of the comments on the book:

Joe provided total care for his patients. He was “their doctor.”  He delivered their babies’, made house calls to treat acute ear infections, removed their tonsils, provided counseling to troubled teenagers and their parents, treated their pneumonias and heart diseases, and helped them die with peace and dignity. He emphasized and was completely involved with “his patients.” The role of the family doctor has changed and evolved. We can only hope that physicians, nurses, politicians and economists can provide a model of care within which patients can once again refer to “their
doctor.’ – Dr. Joe O’Brien M.D.

a doctors life by Dr. Joseph Lauerman

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