How to Evaluate Possible Online Marketing Sources For Your Book

At PageMaster Publication Services we want you to create your book market plan around your strengths. Almost everyone has heard of Social Media and if you have you’ve likely heard of Social Media Marketing.

The premise of social media marketing is to serve before you sell. If you’re not already in these communities, there is a learning curve for each. Twitter is a river while Facebook is a fishbowl. Google adwords is effective, but Facebook ads get your target audience.

Every author should have a blog, Facebook fanpage and Twitter account, but if you don’t know what those are, don’t worry about marketing online. If you don’t know how to do it and can’t afford to outsource Social Media Marketing, then don’t include it in your marketing plan. As an author, I feel it’s non-negotiable, but I enjoy all these strategies.

There is a common phrase given to authors, “You need a platform for your book”. Business people who write know it’s actually “Your book is your platform.” Online you can be the expert people turn to. Here are some ways to consider and evaluate.

Write down the the sites you want to evaluate. These can include any or all of:

Personal Blog
Article Sites
Guest Blogging
Online Writing Communities
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Email Newsletter
Virtual Book Tour
Affiliate/JV Partners
Participation in Forums

If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry. You can ask us if we think they’d be of any value to you. (Chance are if you need to ask, they aren’t). Now evaluate each of these with the questions:

“How will I market my message through this network?”
“What do I need to learn to be effective at marketing through this network?”
“What will it cost in time?”
“What will it cost in money?”

Then rank each for “Is it worth pursuing?” with a rank of 1 – 10.

At PageMaster Publication Services we can help you market online in these ways and more. Contact us today to talk about your book marketing plan.