Just Published! Those Darn Whiteside Kids

those Darn Whiteside Kids by Ruth FursethThose Darn Whiteside Kids contains delightful snapshots into the history and experiences of life in young Alberta, before telephones and television. Canadian author Ruth Furseth, shares stories of growing up in a family of twelve children. Her stories have equal parts of laugh-out-loud humour and piercing grief as you join her at the table and meet those she loves, has played with and times in between.

The book contains stories of her grandparents’ years on an Alberta homestead and the escapades of children growing up on a farm and in the city. You will witness the fingerprints of God that touched generations and shaped their stories.

Read out loud with a child on your lap and give them a taste of life in years gone by. Take it to your dad and let him revisit moments of his childhood. This is not a book to rush through, sit alone and enjoy a story or two.

About Ruth Furseth

Ruth was born into a family of “storytellers.” Long before she told her first story, she sat with her father and uncles hearing them tell their tales, some true, some tall tales, and many wrapped in God’s faithfulness. She is the second daughter in a family of twelve children. Her parents farmed on a homestead established by her grandfather; who was one of the first white settlers in the Stettler area. Her journey has taken her from Whitehorse to China and many places in between.

This wanderer has now returned to the land of her birth in Alberta, Canada with her husband. Together they lived out their own adventures over 45 years of marriage. He continues to encourage her to hone her special gift of storytelling. She has a son, daughter and a son in law and four wonderful grandchildren.

In sharing these stories from her life, Ruth’s hope is that you would be encouraged to discover your own wonderful stories that are waiting to be told.

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