Time to Evaluate

In this series of posts we’ve so far looked at 11 steps in the process of publishing:

  1. Vision – 7 Questions to Help Your Vision For Your Book
  2. Gather – How to Plan to Write Your Book Quickly
  3. Analyze – 7 Questions to Help Give Your Readers What They Expect
  4. Shape – How to Write Your Book in 60 Days
  5. Smooth -10 Tips To Improve Your Writing
  6. Polish – 12 Steps to Self Edit Your Book
  7. Style – 3 Cover Design Tips You Should Consider For Your Book
  8. Theme – 9 Front Matter Pages – Their Order and What To Include
  9. Check – Why Review Copies of Your Book Are So Important
  10. Launch – 10 Steps for a Hard Launch of Your Book
  11. Market – 36 Ways to Market Your Book

In this short post we look at the final one: Evaluate – What’s next?

With a successful launch you may need a reprint. This is fast and simple with digital printing. In time you may want to add a chapter and do another revision. You may want to create a children’s version or start a completely different other book.

Once you’ve published it’s in your blood. You’ll find it easier and easier to go through the stages. Each book will have it’s own challenges, but you’re more than ready to meet them head on – especially when you work with a company like PageMaster Publishing Services.

Check us out today.

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