Understanding PageMaster Sites

PageMaster Sites

At PageMaster we want you be successful in your online marketing. We create websites  and provide you training  to see you succeed. This post is part of our series from our Site Training Workbook.

PageMaster Sites make use of WordPress, a powerful, open-source Content Management System (CMS). What this means is that the WordPress software powers your Site, and it is what you will use to make changes (manage your content). You will login to a backend, which is WordPress, when you make changes. The backend is kept separate from the frontend, or the part of the site the public sees, and looks quite different. There are many good reasons for this separation, one of the best being the ability to make changes to your site and preview those changes before actually making them public to your site visitors.

How to Log In

Now that you have some basic knowledge of what the backend to your Site is, let’s log in and see what it looks like. It’s easy;

  1. Browse to your Login URL (also knows as your Admin URL). This is the address you will type in your web browser to access the WordPress Admin area. This address is simply the URL of your website (your chosen domain name), with ‘wp-admin/’ appended to the end. So, for instance; ??http://www.MyPageMasterSitesDomian.com/wp-admin/??Enter that in your browser’s address bar (substituting your own domain for the italicised portion),and hit enter/return.??(You may also want to bookmark this address for easy future reference, as you’ll be going there a lot.)
  2. Enter your Username and Password (you’ll have received these when your Site was set up). If you like (and if you are doing this on your own computer), click “Remember Me. By doing this, your browser will fill in the password for you and enter the same Username next time you want to update your site. Hit Enter or click the ‘Log In’ button. You may also reset your password from the login screen. Strong passwords are required and will need at least one symbol and number.

You are logged in! You will see the WordPress Dashboard. This can look confusing at first, but over the next tutorials it will become clear – don’t worry.

That’s it for now, so let’s log out. Click your username in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then scroll down to Log Out. It’s good practice to log out each time you finish work on your Site.