Publishing for Artists

Art Publishing for Artists

It’s great when you can sell an original, but sometimes, you’d like to be able to share that work with a broader audience than just one person or setting. Some artists want to retain a copy, some the original. Art publishing moves past the one-off, giving you more than one price point for your work and provides additional income and opportunity.

This is where publishing art or art reproduction comes in. Take that same work and splash it across a hundred art cards, 20 poster prints, 12 color giclée prints or a 3 foot by 5 foot archival quality canvas reproduction. It’s a great way to spread your work to a larger audience, at a more affordable price-point, at arts markets, gallery spaces or through the web.

We love partnering with artists to take their work to a broader audience, or said another way, art publishing for artists. Our partnership process can begin with capturing your work digitally and carry through to producing quality archival giclée prints, economical laser prints art cards and notebooks. We can also help with distribution and marketing including our on-line store.

art published by Jared Robinson in a book and as prints

“Birdsnest” by Jared Robinson

1 – Digitization or Capture

Creating your artwork is what you do best. We do work with supplied files, but what we do best is capturing that artwork with pristine precision. Anyone who has ever tried to photograph their own work understands how difficult it can be. Not only must it be technically accurate, but also reflect the emotion of the piece. Read more about our professional art capture system.

2 – Reproducing (Art Publishing)

Now that there is an authentic digital file of your work, you can share it in many ways.

  • wall art
  • as a book cover
  • as a book
  • postcards
  • art cards
  • fabric prints…

As a print house with a bent for excellence we know the ins and outs of reproducing your work. We’ll help you select the right media for your image, setting and purpose.

Canvas print by PageMaster, photo by Dale Youngman

Stretched canvas print donated to Laugh for Life Gala.

As an example, this archival canvas giclee (see image) is gallery wrapped and was donated to the Laugh for Life 2008 auction. The image is a photograph taken at Frank slide in southern Alberta by Dale Youngman. Color balancing, printing and stretching were completed at PageMaster.

For more information and many examples of art reproduction see the post Exploring the possibilities.

3 – Distribution

With innovative products like printed art banners that are easy and affordable to ship, and art cards that make your work easy to own for even the most budget conscious art lover, we help you get your work out into the world. We can help you choose the right medium for the right setting, and even connect you with others in the PageMaster family (authors, for example) who could make use of your images in their work.

Art Publishing on PageMaster Publishing online store is our online store, marketing both books and art prints. We continue to develop strategies to help you market your work. If that peaks your interest, we’d love to hear from you.

Let’s Share Your Work

You have a gift. You’ve created your masterpiece. We’ll help you share it with your world.

If you would like to discuss a project or learn more about how we can partner together to spread your work, contact us.