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how to write for the kids you want to write for

How Do I Know What Age Group I’m Writing For?

We get asked great questions from people looking for advice. Here’s a question I know many people have so I’m posting my advice here. Question  I’m a young fiction writer. I’m looking some of my stories published. I’m not a professional, but I took a creative writing course in High School, only a year ago. […]

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17 Ways to Focus on Your Book’s Key Audience

At PageMaster Publication Services we know that focusing on your book’s key audience will help you design a marketing plan that enables you to reach your publishing and sales goals. Who is your ideal or core target audience, and why? In order to identify what characteristics are shared by your ideal readers answer the following […]

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1 A waiting canvas

Inspiration: Google Art Project

Brace yourself, I’m about to give you a new weapon in the war against the blank page. For perhaps all of human history artists have stared at that horrifying, often immobilizing blank page. That pending project, or lack of pending project, that glares mockingly at you as if to say, ‘You have no ideas. Your […]

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Time to Evaluate

In this series of posts we’ve so far looked at 11 steps in the process of publishing: Vision – 7 Questions to Help Your Vision For Your Book Gather – How to Plan to Write Your Book Quickly Analyze – 7 Questions to Help Give Your Readers What They Expect Shape – How to Write […]

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1 writing for young adults

How to Write Your Book in 60 Days

You’ll remember in a previous post I outlined 6 Tips You Need To Write Your Book Quickly. In this post I’ll tell you how to take that planning and write your book in sixty days. Now don’t be pressured to write a book in 60 days. I’ve written a novel in 3 days and I’ve […]

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6 Tips You Need to Write Your Book Quickly

If you organize your book before you start writing you’ll find you can write (almost) effortlessly. At PageMaster Publication Services we are here to help. Here are 6 tips to get you started. Brainstorm everything you want to say about a topic. Take 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and don’t criticize or edit your list. […]

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