Do I Get Copies of Print-Ready and Source Files for my Books?

questions and answersWe got this question from a client and it’s one every author should be asking the publishing services companies they are considering.


I was wondering…when my book is edited and laid out by you, do I get some finished product saved on a disc or something, for when I get printing done in the future. Don’t misunderstand, I would get you to do the printing. I just want to know about how I would get it done if I need, or had to get it done in the future if there were unforeseen circumstances.


I’d personally only work with publishing services companies who let me own and keep the resources I’ve paid them to produce for me. Sadly, A LOT of companies disallow this in their small print.

Happy to tell you, PageMaster isn’t one of them. We’ll give you the digital copies you need for future printings so you can choose what’s best for your book in the future.

PageMaster specializes in small runs for books, it produces less environmental waste and is more cost effective for you. We can do larger runs, but you might find a better deal somewhere else in the future. We don’t do Print-on-Demand because we want better quality for the books we do. We’d prefer to do what we do well.

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