How to Write Your Long Author Bio

You are an expert, you just have to figure out how to make that apparent. At PageMaster Publishing Services we can help. We’ve looked at Gathering Your Credentials, Gathering Your Endorsements, and How to Write Your Short Author Bio. In this post we’ll look at your Long Author Bio.

The long bio is great for your media kit and “About Me” blog page. You want to establish what qualifies you to write on the topics you cover, the other claims to fame you have and who you are. You include the final personal connection for the benefit of loyal readers who want to get to know you a little better.

4 Steps to Writing Your Long Bio

1. Write an outline of the information you want to include in your bio. Decide on tone and approach you want to take. Do you want to include strictly professional information, such as your publishing highlights and any awards you’ve won, or if you will also include something personal.

2. Aim for between 200 and 250 words for your bio. Open the first paragraph with your name. Write in the third person. The opening paragraph should contain professional information. Follow this up by mentioning a couple of additional books readers may be familiar with. Take advantage of your bio to highlight some of your lesser known books as well, which can help boost sales.

3. Include any awards you’ve won and whether or not you are a member of any writing associations. If you’re involved in any special activities related to writing, include them in the professional segment of your bio.

4. Reserve personal information for the end of the bio and keep it to a minimum. Personal information might include where you grew up, the place where you currently live and any interests you have outside of writing. This is what connects you to loyal readers who may want to get to know you a little more.

Write it out and have others help you. If you have trouble starting, use the tips from writing the short bio. Contact us at PageMaster Publishing Services if we can be of help.

Hey, here’s a suggestion. Paste your long author bio into the comments and our team will help you with their thoughts on how you can improve it.