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Members of the GANG at Sir Winston Churchill Square in Edmonton, AB

Stirring Memories recognized

Stirring Memories: Reflections and Recipes was recognized in the Edmonton Journal best of 2012 book list featured on page c15 of today’s Journal. The GANG sold over 300 copies at the launch. PageMaster provided design, assembly, printing and binding. The book is available on our online store as well as at locations throughout the city. […]

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Joel Abrahamson is author of Alchemy Book One

Discover Author Joel Abrahamson

Joel Abrahamson is author of Alchemy Book One which is a pop-pulp noir graphic novel. It is available on He describes himself this way: Husband. Graphic Novelist. Christian. I want to help people with their journey from self abuse to self love. I’ve created the graphic novel alchemy with hopes it’ll translate lost people into the […]

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Pursuit of a Dream sell sheet

Warren Hathaway Book Reading

Friday, December 14th at 7pm – 9pm Alberta Aviation Museum 11410 Kingsway Avenue NW Edmonton, AB (780) 451-1175 Please visit for a downloadable version of poster. PageMaster Publication Services Inc. and The Alberta Aviation Museum proudly present author Warren Hathaway as he reads from his newest book Pursuit of a Dream: The Story of […]

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Updated Gravitation and Physics in the Probability Model of the Digital Universe

Discover Author S.M. Zoledziowski

S.M. Zoledziowski is author of Probabilistic, Exact Physics and Secrets of Gravitation and Updated Gravitation and Physics in the Probability Model of the Digital Universe both available on He writes: My electrical engineering studies started in 1942 at the University of St. Andrews, so my experience working with electrical forces extends over 66 years. […]

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Call from on High by Luella Youngman

Discover Author Luella Youngman

Luella Youngman is the author of Call from on High available on Your faith will be challenged and encouraged as you read this account of God’s miraculous intervention. In 1952 Luella Youngman was raised from a hopeless deathbed to an exciting supernatural walk with Him. Alex and Luella’s life took a change of direction, […]

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John Yamamoto

Discover Author John Yamamoto

The Complete Chicken’s Guide to Financial Security by John Yamamoto is the ultimate guide on the best strategies to protect us, and our family’s wealth from financial dangers and risks. Finally an investment book that deals with the financial dangers. It provides solutions and insights into how to protect our hard earned money. It helps to […]

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Mary Woodbury

Discover Author Mary Woodbury

Mary Woodbury is the author of Jess and the Runaway Grandpa. It is a novel about dealing with Alzheimer’s and is available on Everything is changing way too fast for Jess Baines. Her cat’s been run over. Her best friend, Brian, is turning into a clown. Worst of all, her next-door neighbour, her beloved Grandpa […]

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2 Clair Woodbury

Discover Author Clair Woodbury

Clair Woodbury is author of several books available on including A New Take on an Ancient Story, Leadership for Today, PRISMS and Wings Like Eagles. Clair is an author, church consultant, and an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada. More at

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The Journey We All Must Take by Ernest M Wood is A Collection of Poems, Thoughts and Smiles for Each Day's Journey

Discover Author Ernest M Wood

Ernest M Wood is author of The Journey We All Must Take available on The Journey We All Must Take by Ernest M Wood is a collection of poems, thoughts and smiles for each day’s journey. These writings were written in 2009 by Ernest M Wood. Some of the humour and spiritual digestion portions […]

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