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Mary WoodburyMary Woodbury is the author of Jess and the Runaway Grandpa. It is a novel about dealing with Alzheimer’s and is available on

Everything is changing way too fast for Jess Baines. Her cat’s been run over. Her best friend, Brian, is turning into a clown. Worst of all, her next-door neighbour, her beloved Grandpa Ernie, can’t remember who she is any more. When Ernie climbs into his camper, Jess has only seconds to decide whether to go with him. They set off on a dangerous journey to the Northern Alberta wilderness. Will Jess be able to help Ernie survive this trip? Can she find the courage to bring them safely home? Jess and the Runaway Grandpa is a compelling story about loyalty, patience and compassion.

Mary is the best-selling author of the Polly McDoodle series and her latest book Flight of the Tiger Moth. Check her webpage at for more information.

Jess and the Runaway Grandpa by Mary Woodbury

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