Eveline Poulin-Kaybidge at PageMaster with Wind Walker Stir the Magic

Wind Walker: Stir the Magic released

Eveline Poulin-Kaybidge with Wind Walker: stir the magic

Eveline Poulin-Kaybidge at PageMaster receiving 180 copies of Wind Walker: Stir the Magic.

Wind Walker: Stir the Magic is 28 page oversized children’s book designed to increase awareness and appreciation. The book is a joint project between Esther Supernault and Eveline Poulin-Kaybidge.

“The time has come to honour, see, hear and appreciate the wisdom of children and elders. Their voices are extremely important. They have much to offer. We must open our minds to all possibilities,” says Eveline.

The book is available on the PageMaster Publishing store as well as directly from Eveline.