I don’t want my document to bleed, do I?

Like any industry, printing has it’s collection of jargon and technical terms. While these terms help us get the job done right at professional printers, they can create a roadblock for you when you are in the process of creating a document for print. A lack of understanding of what is required when you provide us with a file can also cause unwanted delays down the line. Have you ever had a printer come back to asking for a new file, because your file didn’t have sufficient ‘bleeds’, for instance? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have.

Bleeds, crop marks, resolution and like are easy things to forget even when you do know what those terms mean. If you don’t, frustration isn’t far behind.

We’ve created a page with some simple descriptions of these terms and many more. We hope you find it helpful and we hope it helps solve common printing problems before they even arise. We also hope you’ll give us your feedback about the page, because you are the one who decides how easy it is to understand, not us. We’re a little biased.

Visit our technical info page here.

Please leave us a comment on this post about the page, or with any questions you have that the page does not answer. If you prefer, you can contact us directly.