Lori Anne Youngman: November 2011 Featured Artist

Lori Anne Youngman with a hand painted silk scarf.

Each month at PageMaster.ca we feature an artist from our “family.” These are artists we have had the pleasure of working with on projects, be it fine art reproductions, art cards or even a website. This month’s featured artist is special, because we have worked on all of these projects together, and not only is she part of our family of artists, Lori is actually married to Dale Youngman, PageMaster’s Owner and Creative Director!

November is a big month for Lori Anne Youngman, with a solo show at The Carrot Community Arts Coffeehouse all month, and frequent visits to art and craft fairs in and around Edmonton. Catch Lori’s show, Flutterings, Stirrings and Sightings throughout November at The Carrot (9351 118th ave).

Be sure to check out Lori’s website at loriyoungman.ca, view her portfolio and sign up for her email newsletter so that you can find out where to catch her and her work in person.