PageMaster Sites for Authors and Artists

How would you like a website for your writing or artwork that is beautiful, easy to update, effective and affordable? PageMaster Sites are all of these and more. They provide a simple, professional way for authors and artists to share their work with their world online. You can read more about them below.

Getting Started with PageMaster Sites

Setting up your new website is easy. Just follow the steps below and contact us at any point to get started or ask questions.

  1. Select Your Plan and Pricing
  2. Select Your Theme
  3. Contact us to start your site
  4. Provide your content (we walk you through it)
  5. Enjoy a coffee. We’ll do the rest.
  6. Take control of your online presence with training

What PageMaster Sites Are

PageMaster Sites are full websites. They run on your own domain name (, for example). The site is fully yours and not locked in to our platform or service. PageMaster handles the web hosting, and domain name registration is included (you can register your own as well).

PageMaster Sites are beautiful. We’ve built clean, professional themes (templates) that put the focus on the work of our clients. Most themes include customization options (changing the background image, for example), and can be fully customized at additional cost. We have updated our themes to the Divi framework which is fully responsive for phone and tablet engagement. Divi is the most popular premium theme on the web and is more of a framework giving us a great foundation to build your site.

PageMaster Sites are easy to update. They run on WordPress, an industry standard, open-source Content Management System (CMS). This means content can be managed by the site owner, not only by a ‘webmaster’ who understands complicated web code. WordPress is very popular, largely because it is so easy to use. We love it so much, we use it to run our own websites, and

PageMaster Sites are effective. We don’t seek to create websites, we seek to create successful websites. Successful websites get visitors and build a fan base around the work of our authors and artists. Successful websites lead to actions like purchases of work, or subscriptions to an email newsletter. We help authors and artists craft successful content, from an author bio to an artist statement and CV, then we make sure that content is optimized into an easy to use website that runs quickly and shouts to search engines, “Here I am! List me!”

PageMaster Sites are feature-packed. They are able to handle the tasks that make sense for authors and artists. Things like blogging, sample chapters for books, event calendars, online CV’s and portfolios for artists, social media (Facebook and Twitter) integration and blogging come standard. Authors and artists can add or remove features or entire pages at any time and WordPress makes it easy.

PageMaster Sites are empowering. Getting online can be confusing and even frustrating, but we can make it easy. PageMaster Sites are designed to put authors and artists in control of their online presence. Our training ensures that anyone (yes that means you) can perform basic, day to day website updates, like writing a blog post or changing a piece of contact information. You can manage a site at your comfort level by choosing a plan, ranging from all updates performed by the client to all updates performed by PageMaster. We think you’ll want to do some updates yourself when you realize how easy it can be. You can read more about our plans here.

PageMaster Sites are personal. Relationship is a big deal for us at PageMaster. We walk with our artists and authors from the conception to the completion of a project. Because we have relationship, we know what our artists and authors want and need online. Because we have done art captures or printed books, we already have the files needed to take that work online. We actually post content created with PageMaster to your site for no additional cost as part of all Sites plans! The longer we work together, the more this relationship benefits our artists and authors.

To see some of our live sites visit If you’d like to set up your PageMaster Site today, contact us.

What PageMaster Sites Are Not

PageMaster Sites are not available to everyone. We are all about helping people publish, and we are not a web design company. In order to best serve our artist and author clients, we’re saving PageMaster Sites just for them. This keeps our hosting server running as smoothly as possible for our Sites. If you are an artist or author who has not done work with PageMaster previously, we’d love your PageMaster Site to be the first step in a growing relationship centered around sharing your work with your world.

PageMaster Sites are not for web nerds. We love nerds and a we have a few of them working here, but they know how to do a lot online, and may find PageMaster Sites too restricting. The majority of our authors and artists would rather create their work than their website so we’ve removed some options. Our sites don’t offer FTP access. Our sites must use WordPress and cannot install additional software. Our sites must use a theme designed by PageMaster (which can include fully custom themes). We only support plugins from a list we’ve tested and can maintain. All of this keeps things secure for everyone on our network.

PageMaster Sites are not automated. We do not offer a free trial period, because right from the beginning every site involves the care and attention of PageMaster staff, who work with you to set the site up to your liking. The foundation of the Sites can be installed very quickly, but we will not launch a site that is lacking important content or the small customizations that make it your own.

PageMaster Sites are not free. We value quality work, helping you create an effective site you can be proud of, you can edit yourself, and that will actually help you share your work. We’re not interested in the fastest or cheapest way to get there, and we won’t set something up and then leave you stranded. We’re in this for the long haul, and we want to believe in your work just as much as you do.

If you’d like to set up your PageMaster Site, or if you have any questions about PageMaster Sites, contact us to get started today. Call 780-425-9303.