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Art for Awards - image by Aaron Paquet

Local Art for Awards

Local art awards are unique and memorable. For the December 1oth Gall Conference on Children’s Rights, PageMaster prepared five awards. The original, The World We Create, acrylic on canvas is by Aaron Paquette (an ArtStream Project artist). The image was digitally captured, printed and framed by PageMaster for the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and […]

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2 write a book

7 Reasons to Write a Book

If you’re thinking about writing a book we’d love to know why you’re doing it. Here are a few reasons people have given us already. 1. Free publicity. It’s much easier to get radio, TV, magazine and online publicity if you have a book. The media need experts to interview, and often call ?upon authors […]

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how to write for the kids you want to write for

How Do I Know What Age Group I’m Writing For?

We get asked great questions from people looking for advice. Here’s a question I know many people have so I’m posting my advice here. Question  I’m a young fiction writer. I’m looking some of my stories published. I’m not a professional, but I took a creative writing course in High School, only a year ago. […]

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